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    Drain Bags

    Drain Bags
    Our line of drain bags fit all OR / urology tables and are used to contain fluids that might come in contact with the table during procedures. We offer drain bags that are sterile or non-sterile, and all contain a mesh screen for tissue retrieval and have a six-foot expandable drainage hose.
    Sku Size Size Description Gauge Density Color Capacity Paper Weight Printing Closure Style Qty/Case Shipping Weight Price
    UFCMS999 Universal Non-Sterile U-Shape
    Open 20 11.05 lbs Log in to view price
    UFCMS951V Non-Sterile U-Shape; Fits Liebel
    Open 20 9.25 lbs Log in to view price
    UFCMS950P Non-Sterile Hoop Shape; Fits Siemens/Dornier
    Open 20 15.10 lbs Log in to view price
    UFCMS954P Non-Sterile Hoop Shape; Fits GE/OEC 2600 and 2800
    Open 20 14.10 lbs Log in to view price
    UFCMS955P Non-Sterile Large Hoop Frame; Fits all U-Shape Hoop Frames (Midmark, Steris, Syktron, Others)
    Open 20 12.35 lbs Log in to view price