Blue Soiled Linen Bags

These 1.3 MIL bags are sturdy and strong, to support large loads of soiled linens. The bags are blue with black print “Soiled Linen” in both English and Spanish.

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SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeCapacityClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
BSL375013Liner, Blue Soiled Linen, 37x50, 44 Gallon, BiLingual (eng, spanish) - 1.3 Mil - 150/CS37"x50"1.3 mil44 galOpen15025 lbsLogin to view price
BSL304313Liner, Blue Soiled Linen, 30x43 , 20-30 Gallon, BiLingual (eng, spanish) - 1.3 mil 200/CS30"x43"1.3 mil20-30 galOpen20023 lbsLogin to view price
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