2 Mil Clear Zip Write-On Pharmacy Bags

Our write-on zip bags are versatile and reusable. These 2 MIL zip top bags come with white blocks that are able to be written on and come in 12 different sizes.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
Z18242Clear zipper bag, 18x24, 2 mil LDPE, non printed, 500EA/CS18"x24"2 milZip500N/ALogin to view price
Z24362Clear Zip Bag 24x36, 2 mil, 250EA/CS24"x36"2 milZip250N/ALogin to view price
ZW342Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 3x4, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK3"x4"2 milZip1000N/ALogin to view price
ZW13152Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 13x15, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK13"x15"2 milZip100029 lbsLogin to view price
ZW12152Clear ZipBag with White Block, 12x15, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK12"x15"2 milZip100028.25 lbsLogin to view price
ZW10122Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 10x12, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK10"x12"2 milZip100018 lbsLogin to view price
ZW9122Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 9x12, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK9"x12"2 milZip100017.25 lbsLogin to view price
ZW8102Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 8x10, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK8"x10"2 milZip100013 lbsLogin to view price
ZW692Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 6x9, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK6"x9"2 milZip10008.75 lbsLogin to view price
ZW582Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 5x8, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK5"x8"2 milZip10006.75 lbsLogin to view price
ZW462Clear Zip Bag with White Block,4x6, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK4"x6"2 milZip10004.25 lbsLogin to view price
ZW352Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 3x5, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK3"x5"2 milZip10002.75 lbsLogin to view price
ZW232Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 2 X 3, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK2"x3"2 milZip10001.25 lbsLogin to view price
ZW222Clear Zip Bag with White Block, 2 X 2, 2 mil, 1000/cs, 100/PK2"x2"2 milZip10001 lbsLogin to view price
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