4 MIL Clear Zip Pharmacy Bags w/ Hanghole

Our zip bags are versatile and reusable. Our 4 MIL zip bags with hanghole comes in 8 sizes and have a small circular hole at the top for ease in hanging.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
ZHH10124Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 10x12, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK10"x12"4 milZip100037.75 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH9124Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 9x12, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK9"x12"4 milZip100034 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH694Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 6x9, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK6"x9"4 milZip100017.5 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH5124Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 5x12, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK5"x12"4 milZip100018 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH584Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 5x8, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK5"x8"4 milZip100013.25 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH464Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 4x6, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK4"x6"4 milZip10005.75 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH354Clear Zip Bag with Hang Hole, 3x5, 4 mil 1000/cs, 100/PK3"x5"4 milZip10005.25 lbsLogin to view price
ZHH344Clear Zip Bag, 3 X 4, Hang Hole 4 mil, 1000/CS, 100/PK3"x4"4 milZip10004.5 lbsLogin to view price
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