Absorbent Sheets

We carry four sizes of absorbent sheets, which are useful in laboratories and in the transport of specimens. These absorbent sheets reduce the risks involved with handling and shipping diagnostic specimens or infectious substances by surrounding and absorbing any liquid leaks. They are also lightweight, saving on space and cost for shipping purposes, and prevent leaking, transforming fluid into a gel-like mass and creating an extra protection barrier for workers’ safety.

Available Options

UFABS1212Absorbant sheet, Individual, 12x12, White, 500/CS12"x12"14.5 mil50011 lbsLogin to view price
UFABS66Absorbant sheet, Individual, 6x6, White, 2500/CS6"x6"14.5 mil250014 lbsLogin to view price
UFABS36Absorbant sheet, Individual, 3x6, White, 2500/CS3"x6"14.5 mil25007 lbsLogin to view price
UFABS33Absorbant sheet, Individual, 3x3, White, 20,000/CS3"x3"14.5 mil2000026 lbsLogin to view price
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