Bowls & Basins

Make sure every surgical or patient room is equipped with the appropriate admissions products! We offer a variety of bowls and basins for patient hygiene.

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SKUDescriptionColor FamilyQty/CaseWeightPrice
5216VBowl, Sterile, Individually Packed, Latex FreeN/A75N/ALogin to view price
8302WASH BASIN RECTANGULAR, DUSTY ROSE/ MAUVE, 50/CS, 7.5-8 Qt, 6.6 LiterDusty Rose/Mauve50N/ALogin to view price
5232WBowl, 32 oz, Turquoise ? Sterile Packed with CSR wrap, 1EA/EA, 50EA/CSTurquoise50N/ALogin to view price
8351WASH BASIN ROUND, GOLD, 50/CSGold5019.3 lbsLogin to view price
8352AWASH BASIN, REUSABLE, BLUE, 30/CSBlue3011.45 lbsLogin to view price
8400-1EMESIS BASIN, MAUVE COL, 500CC, 250/CSMauve25010.6 lbsLogin to view price
7200SHAVE PREP RAZOR, Black, Non-Sterile, 100/CSBlack1002.8 lbsLogin to view price
8400-3EMESIS BASIN, MAUVE ROSE COL, 700CC, 250/CSMauve25015.6 lbsLogin to view price
8300WASH BASIN RECTANGULAR, AQUA, 50/CSAqua5014.45 lbsLogin to view price
8301WASH BASIN RECTANGULAR, GOLD, 50/CSGold5014.3 lbsLogin to view price
8100SITZ BATH KIT with Blue Bowl and Solution bag with tubing, 10/CSAqua108.7 lbsLogin to view price
5216STERILE BOWL 20 OZ, Blue, Inner MeasurementsBlue758.5 lbsLogin to view price
5232STERILE BOWL, Blue, 32 OZ, Inner Measurements, 1EA/PK, 75/CSBlue758.1 lbsLogin to view price
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