Compostable Can Liners

These compostable can liners are biodegradabale and eco-friendly! Available in multiple sizes and capacities, randing from 0.88 mil to 1 mil.

Available Options

GWB4455LINER, GREEN BIOBAG COMPOSTABLE 44-1/2X55 .80MIL 55-60GAL, 80/CS44.5"x55"0.8 mil55-60 gal8014.5 lbsLogin to view price
GWB3543LINER, GREEN BIOBAG COMPOSTABLE 35X43 .88MIL 39GAL, 120/CS35"x43"0.88 mil39 gal12014 lbsLogin to view price
GWB3339LINER, GREEN BIOBAG COMPOSTABLE 33X39 .88MIL 32GAL , 120/CS33"x39"0.88 mil32 gal12012.5 lbsLogin to view price
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