Furniture Covers

Our furniture covers come in multiple sizes and are ideal for covering up hospital furniture, from small chairs to sofas. Colored cover options are available upon request.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeColor FamilyQty/CaseWeightPrice
UF3215Cover, 116" Sofa, Clear, 1 mil, 152x45, 100/RL152"x45"1 milClear10050 lbsLogin to view price
UF3205Cover, Furniture 98--100" Sofa, 1mil 134x45, 110/RL134"x45"1 milClear11049 lbsLogin to view price
UF3195Cover, 70" Loveseat, 1 mil, Clear, 106x45, 140/RL106"x45"1 milClear14049 lbsLogin to view price
UF3190Equipment Cover Clear, 60" Chair, 1 mil, 92x45, 160/RL92"x45"1 milClear16049 lbsLogin to view price
UF3180Equipment Cover Clear, 50" Chair, 1 mil, 84x45, 175/RL84"x45"1 milClear17548 lbsLogin to view price
UF3175Equipment Cover Clear 76x45, 1 mil, 200/RL76"x45"1 milClear20050 lbsLogin to view price
UF3170Equipment Cover Clear, 36" Chair, 1 mil, 70x45, 215/RL70"x45"1 milClear21550 lbsLogin to view price
UF3165Equipment Cover Clear, 29" Chair, 1 mil, 54x45, 275/RL54"x45"1 milClear27549 lbsLogin to view price
UF3160Equipment Cover Clear, 26" Chair, 1 mil, 50x45, 300/RL50"x45"1 milClear30049 lbsLogin to view price
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