General Purpose Dust Covers

Available in many sizes and shapes, our standard equipment covers are made of strong, sturdy plastic and help keep equipment clean when not in use. Colored cover options are available upon request.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeColor FamilyClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
UF262460Bag, General Purpose, Clear, 26X24X60, 1.5 mil, 100/CSN/A1.5 milN/AN/A100N/ALogin to view price
UF1363Equipment Cover Clear 1mil 5x4x15, 1000/CS, 100/PK5"x4"x15"x4"1 milClearN/A10009 lbsLogin to view price
UF1393Equipment Cover Clear 1mil 8 x 4 x 21, 1000/CS, 100/PK8"x4"x21"x4"2 milClearN/A100022.1 lbsLogin to view price
UF1375Equipment Cover Clear 1mil 6x5x15, 1000/CS, 100/PK6"x5"x15"x5"1 milClearN/A100010 lbsLogin to view price
UF1366Equipment Cover Clear 1mil 6X3X12, 1000/CS, 100/PK6"x3"x12"x3"1 milClearN/A10007 lbsLogin to view price
UF0824Equipment Cover Clear 2 mil 10 x 8 x 24, 500/RL10"x8"x24"x8"1 milClearN/A50030 lbsLogin to view price
UF2280Equipment Cover Clear 1mil 8 x 8, 1000/CS, 100/PK8"x8"1 milClearN/A10005 lbsLogin to view price
UF1650Equipment Cover Clear 2mil 28 x 24 x 60, 100/CS28"x24"x60"x24"2 milClearN/A10038 lbsLogin to view price
UF2370Equipment Cover Clear 1mil 12x20, 1000/CS, 100/PK12"x20"1 milClearN/A100015 lbsLogin to view price
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