Mattress Covers

Our mattress covers are essentially giant bags – they come perforated on a roll and have vent holes along the gussets. These covers come in various sizes to meet the needs of your facility and whatever sizes mattress(es) you have. Colored cover options are available upon request.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
UFM821003Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 82X15X100, 3 mil, Clear, 35/RL82"x15"x100"x15"3 milOpen3566.3 lbsLogin to view price
UFM821004Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 82X15X100, 4 mil, Clear, 25/RL82"x15"x100"x15"4 milOpen2564.1 lbsLogin to view price
UFM78890Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 78X8X90, 1.5 mil, Clear, 100/RL78"x8"x90"x8"1.5 milOpen10074.7 lbsLogin to view price
UFM6215953Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 62X15X95, 3 mil, Clear, 40/RL62"x15"x95"x15"3 milOpen4056.3 lbsLogin to view price
UFM6215954Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 62X15X95, 4 mil, Clear, 35/RL62"x15"x95"x15"4 milOpen3565.4 lbsLogin to view price
UFM60890Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 60X8X90, 1.5 mil, Clear, 100/RL60"x8"x90"x8"1.5 milOpen10058.8 lbsLogin to view price
UFM5615953Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 56X15X95, 3 mil, Clear, 45/RL56"x15"x95"x15"3 milOpen4558 lbsLogin to view price
UFM5615954Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 56X15X95, 4 mil, Clear, 40/RL56"x15"x95"x15"4 milOpen4068.6 lbsLogin to view price
UFM54890Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 54X8X90, 1.5 mil, Clear, 100/RL54"x8"x90"x8"1.5 milOpen10053.5 lbsLogin to view price
UFM4015953Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 40X15X95, 3 mil, Clear, 55/RL40"x15"x95"x15"3 milOpen5554 lbsLogin to view price
UFM4015954Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 40X15X95, 4 mil, Clear, 50/RL40"x15"x95"x15"4 milOpen5065.3 lbsLogin to view price
UFM398903Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 39X8X90, 3 mil, Clear, 75/RL39"x9"x90"x9"3 milOpen7560.5 lbsLogin to view price
UFM398901Equipment Cover, Mattress Cover, 39X8X90, 1.5 mil, Clear, 100/RL39"x8"x90"x8"1.5 milOpen10040.8 lbsLogin to view price
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