Pink Anti-Static Poly Zip Bags

Our pink anti-static poly zip bags are see-through and have a zip top closure. These bags are great for keeping medical electronic components safe and dry. These bags can be resealed multiple times and their anti-static nature eliminates the danger of static damage to electronics.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
UFPNK35PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 3x5, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 1000/CS3"x5"4 milZip10006.1 lbsLogin to view price
UFPNK46PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 4x6, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 1000/CS4"x6"4 milZip10009.1 lbsLogin to view price
UFPNK68PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 6x8, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 1000/CS6"x8"4 milZip100016.9 lbsLogin to view price
UFPNK810PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 8x10, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 1000/CS8"x10"4 milZip100026.8 lbsLogin to view price
UFPNK912PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 9x12, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 1000/CS9"x12"4 milZip100035.1 lbsLogin to view price
UFPNK1212PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 12x12, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 500/CS12"x12"4 milZip50023.4 lbsLogin to view price
UFPNK1318PINK ANTI-STATIC POLY ZIP BAG, 13x18, 4 Mil, 100/PK, 500/CS13"x18"4 milZip50035.9 lbsLogin to view price
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