White Paper Bag

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SKUDescriptionSizeColor FamilyHandle TypeQty/CaseWeightPrice
SW10Bag, White Kraft Paper 10x5x13.5, Twist Handle, (printable 7x6 area); Great custom sample bag, 250/CS10"x5"x13.5"WhiteTwist250N/ALogin to view price
SW169Bag, White Kraft Paper, 16x6x19.25, Twist Handle, (printable 9.5x11 area); Great custom sample bag, 200/CS16"x6"x19.25"WhiteTwist200N/ALogin to view price
SW8Bag, White Kraft Paper 8x4.75x10, Twist Handle, (printable 6x5 area); Great custom sample bag, 250/CS8"x4.75"x10"WhiteTwist250N/ALogin to view price
SOSW12Bag, White Kraft Paper 7x4.5x14, (with printable area of 4x7), 500/CS7"x4.5"x14"WhiteN/A500N/ALogin to view price
SOSW6Bag, White Kraft Paper 6x3.75x11 (with printable area of 3.5x6), 500/CS6"x3.75"x11"WhiteN/A500N/ALogin to view price
SOSW4Bag, White Kraft Paper 5x3.5x9.5 (with printable area of 3x5), 500/CS5"x3.5"x9.5"WhiteN/A500N/ALogin to view price
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