Zip Amber Pharmacy Bags w/ Write-On Area

Our zip amber pharmacy bags with a write-on area come with a zip top closure and a white block on one side that allows you to write on the bag. These bags have an amber tint which prevents the contents within from being damaged by UV lights.

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
UFAM1212WAMBER ZIP BAG W/ WRITE-ON AREA 12x12 3MIL , 500/CS12"x12"3 milZip100018.5 lbsLogin to view price
UFAM88WAMBER ZIP BAG W/ WRITE-ON AREA 8x8 3MIL, 1000/CS8"x8"3 milZip100018 lbsLogin to view price
UFAM68WAMBER ZIP BAG W/ WRITE-ON AREA 6x8 3MIL, 1000/CS6"x8"3 milZip100012.5 lbsLogin to view price
UFAM46WAMBER ZIP BAG W/ WRITE-ON AREA 4x6 3MIL, 1000/CS4"x6"3 milZip10006.5 lbsLogin to view price
UFAM58WAMBER ZIP BAG W/ WRITE-ON AREA 3X5 3MIL , 1000/CS3"x5"3 milZip10004.5 lbsLogin to view price
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