Zipper Specimen Bags w/ Non-Removable Biohazard Symbol

Our Zipper Biohazard bags are high-quality, reclosable bags with easy-grip tops! These specimen bags with zip top closures feature a printed, non-removable biohazard symbol, a liquid-tight closure, and some have temperature storage indicator check boxes. All except our smallest size have a document pocket to secure paperwork being transported with the specimen. Our Zipper Specimen bags with printed biohazard symbols come in convenient dispenser-style packaging with inner packs of 100. Our specimen bags can be custom printed with low minimum order quantities – call for details!

Available Options

SKUDescriptionSizeGaugeClosure StyleQty/CaseWeightPrice
LSZ66BSpecimen Bag, 6x6 Zip Closure, Clear LDPE 2 mil bag, doc pkt, printed with Biohazard Logo (Red/Black), Document Pocket6"x6"2 milZip1000N/ALogin to view price
LSZ1215BXSpecimen Bag, 12x15 BIO, Clear, Zip, 3 wall 2 mil 500/CS, 100/PK12"x15"2 milZip50018 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ912BSpecimen Bag, 9 x 12, BIO,Clear, 3 wall, Zip, 2 Mil , 1000/CS, 100/PK9"x12"2 milZip100020.5 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ610BSpecimen Bag, 6 x 10 BIO, Clear, Zip, 3 wall, 2 Mil , 1000/CS, 100/PK6"x10"2 milZip100013.95 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ810BXSpecimen Bag, 8x10 BIO, Zip, 3 wall 2 mil 1000/CS, 100/PK8"x10"2 milZip100017 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ693NTSpecimen Bag, 6x9 BIO, Clear, Zip, 3 wall, No Temp Boxes, 2 mil 1000/CS, 100/PK6"x9"2 milZip100012 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ352NTSpecimen Bag, 3x5 BIO, Clear, Zip, 2 wall, No temp boxes, 2 mil 1000/CS, 100/PK3"x5"2 milZip10003 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ88BSpecimen Bag, 8 x 8 BIO, Clear, Zip, 3 Wall, 2 Mil, 1000/CS, 100/PK8"x8"2 milZip100014.85 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ1010BSpecimen Bags, 10 x 10, BIO, Clear, 3 wall, Zip, 2 Mil, 1000/CS, 100/PK10"x10"2 milZip100023.01 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ810BNTSpecimen Bag, 8x10 BIO, Clear, Zip, 3 wall, No Temp Boxes, 2 mil 1000/CS, 100/PK8"x10"2 milZip100017 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ69BXSpecimen Bag, 6x9 BIO, Clear, Zip, 3 wall 2 mil 1000/CS, 100/PK6"x9"2 milZip100016 lbsLogin to view price
LSZ1212BSpecimen Bag, 12 x 12, BIO, Clear, 3 Wall, 2 Mil, 3 temperature boxes, 1000/CS, 100/PK12"x12"2 milZip100024.5 lbsLogin to view price
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